$10,000 Donation to Charity Water for Mozambique Use-Case

$10,000 Donation to Charity Water for Mozambique Use-Case

Mozambique Functioning Clean Water Project

It is first important to note that a charitable purpose is one designed to benefit, ameliorate, or uplift mankind mentally, morally, or physically. The relief of poverty, the improvement of government, and the advancement of community pillars (e.g., education, and health) are adamant focal points to build an exhaustive charity focus central foundation in the longrun, through building a self-funding ecosystem that grows the funding capabilities all whilst growing the value of the token under study. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give – Winston Churchill.

About Charity Water

Charity: Water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries”. “Since charity: water was founded in 2006, we’ve been chasing one ambitious goal: ending the global water crisis. And while the water crisis is huge, we’re optimistic. We know how to solve the problem, and we make progress every day thanks to the help of local partners and generous supporters. If we work together, we believe everyone will have access to life’s most basic need within our lifetime.”

We are partnering with Charity: Water to bridge the gaps present due to the lack of clean and drinkable water that forms a basic necessity, and a right, to each individual within our society and worldwide to prove imminent and vital access to one of the most basic needs to lead a healthy and prosperous life.

TATA Motivation

The founding team came together after being burned and scammed by various coins present today within the market. HakunaMatata coin developers sensed a real market opportunity to fill the gaps present today within the cryptocurrency world, especially BSC-based coins in the sense of community embodiment, charity marketplace adoption, and capitalizing on the NFT momentum, all while achieving financial freedom for coin holders.

Built within the essence of $TATA Token and its development, charity donations form the building block that the token is built and continues to grow on. Equitable donations targeting the underserved and unserved communities, charities, use cases, and areas are key to play an integral role in improving the community and the society as a whole.

About the Donation

Given the power vested by our community, HakunaMatata $TATA Token was able to fund a full project that would greatly impact the lives of residents on Mozambique.

The Problem: “Of the 189 countries on the 2019 Human Development Index, Mozambique is ranked 180. Natural disasters and extreme weather are common, and people living in rural areas often face frequent and large-scale food insecurity as a result. People also walk an average of 30 minutes just to reach a functioning water point. To date, over 62% of the population is living below the income poverty line.”

The Project: “Handpumps are used when groundwater is available and reachable by either mechanical or manual drilling methods. Sometimes, however, existing water points need repairs that exceed the financial or technical capacity of the local government and community. Because rehabilitating wells often involves heavy machinery, replacement of hardware and concrete, and potentially needing to reform Water Point Committees, the cost can be almost as much as implementing a new water point. Still, it’s an efficient solution because the cost of drilling is saved.”

The Donation: TATA devs, mods, and communities all supported the charity aspect of the project to be able to donate Ten Thousand United States Dollars //$10,000 USD// equivalent in BTC.

We, as devs, would like to thank you for providing the project your full trust to be able to vest this opportunity to make such a wholesome contribution. It is unfortunate that currently we cannot visit the underserved and unserved markets ourselves owing to various limitations as well as commitments. However, we are extremely pleased that Charity: Water has made it possible for the HakunaMatata family to play a part in this noble mission.

We are proud to be able to fund a full project and we believe that with the support and trust given by the community we will continue to improve the world, one donation at a time.

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