DASHBOARD Hakuna Matata Token A token based on the Binance Smart Chain. With an NFT marketplace, play-to-earn gaming, charity donations, manual buy back, token burns and a perk of choosing your reflections in BUSD or HKUN token. LIVE CHART BUY NOW


Verified contracts, doxxed devs, locked liquidity, & community driven. 

LP Feedback

PCS Liquidity is  generated from transactions at a 3% feedback rate.


Charity based NFT Marketplace & NFT gaming


A 4% burn on every trade aims to reduce total supply overtime.

Manual Buyback
HKUN is equipped with a Manual Buyback to Pump the token back to its support levels or past resistance levels to support upward momentum.

HKUN offers 3% rewards in HKUN tokens for every sell. This will serve as their reflections. Holders can claim their reflections from the dashboard.

Why Choose $HKUN?

The goal behind $HKUN coin is to bridge the gap between charity and cryptocurrency to capitalize on an expanding market in order to expand charitable donations into underserved and unserved markets.

HakunaMatata $HKUN Token is a Binance Smart Chain built on the BEP-20 protocol. “BEP20 is a token standard on Binance Smart Chain that extends ERC-20 and BEP-2 tokens, providing additional functionality that allows you to move your tokens between different blockchains and more” [1]. We have developed the token to build a widespread consensus on the coexistence of financial freedom and charitable drivers in a unique ecosystem that extends the traditional balances of cryptocurrencies.

$HKUN is a Binance Smart Chain based crypto asset marketplace, where buyers and sellers meet to transact based on long-term speculative and value views.

Our Tokens
What is $HKUN?

$HKUN serves as an Ecosystem Token for all our upcoming utilities from NFT Play to Earn Game, Marketplace, and Blockchain. We are also implementing a Manual Buyback Feature which would serve as a Safety Net used to manually pump the coin back to its support levels when down or initiate a pump when good news are out in order to keep investor’s money safe and growing.

Token Semantics

Buying (10%)

Selling (13%)

Our Strategy and Project Plan

Our mission is to enable the most innovative blockchain technology companies to bring new and disruptive business models to market and to access these new capital markets.

Four Pillar Approach

$HKUN tokenomics are based on four main pillars, namely Earn, Burn, Charity, and Grow. Since the HakunaMatata coin is a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token, the team has focused the efforts into giving back to the community through engaging in a long-term hold semantics that encourage holding, feed liquidity, and reflect unto the community as a whole under the motto of “no worries” through actively enhancing the world’s wellness and prosperity, one step at a time.

HKUN offers 3% rewards in HKUN tokens for every sell.

Burn fee from all transactions sits at 4%. The goal behind implementing the 4% burn fee is to impose a price floor that is increased over time as the cumulative volume traded increases. This ensures that LP value converges to real market-cap thus alleviating large price whipsaws and ensures smoother pricing especially at larger market-cap through sending the coins to the “eater address” publicly visible to the public where the tokens are not accessible forever. А от знайти українські криптобіржі ви завжди зможете за цим посиланням.

By the community, for the community. This is the main goal of our project is to help lead an ecosystem that reflects positively on the society as a whole. Implementing a 1% charity transaction fee yields material amount of tokens to be traded, sold into the liquidity, and donated to community-driven charities through either active donations (e.g. WFP, WWF, SNAP) or through  donations (e.g. building schools, building hospitals, donating machinery to farmers, job creation).

Being a community driven coin, HakunaMatata puts business development and marketing at its core activities to ensure that momentum is maintained, partnerships are achieved, and global campaigns are held. $HKUN has implemented a 2% marketing and business development fee to feed the pool in order to drive momentum, achieve price appreciation, cover management fees, cover expansion fees, and attract new investors.

Proudly helping the world one $HKUN token at a time.

24 Nov: Human Relief Foundation (HRF) in GAZA

In war, everyone loses. It is unfortunate that our brothers and sisters in Gaza are affected greatly by endless wars.   …

24 Nov: Charity with the Trans Nzoia Women Leaders

“To all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful, and deserving of…

24 Nov: Women Empowerment in Afghanistan

We live each day waking up with food on the table, have clothes to wear, and a home to live…

24 Nov: The Partnership with Goodwill Caravan

“To really change the world, we have to help people change the way they see things. Global betterment is a…

$14,200 Donation to Charity ICRC Yemen Use-Case
16 Jul: ICRC Yemen Humanitarian Crisis Resolution

ICRC Yemen Humanitarian Crisis Resolution It is first important to note that a charitable purpose is one designed to benefit,…

$10,000 Donation to Charity Water for Mozambique Use-Case
16 Jul: $10,000 Donation to Charity Water for Mozambique Use-Case

Mozambique Functioning Clean Water Project It is first important to note that a charitable purpose is one designed to benefit,…

Our Team
Ziad Ahmed

Rofan Ali
Ahmad Jabarkhil

Gino Firaza


NFT Arts & Music Charity Marketplace

Non-fungible  tokens prove ownership of a digital item – image, sound file or text – in the same way that people own crypto coins. Unlike crypto coins, which are identical and worth the same, NFTs are unique. HakunaMatata’s NFT Launchpad will pave the road for a Music & Arts marketplace, which will bring together artists, creators and crypto enthusiasts from around the world. What differentiates $HKUN’s NFT Marketplace will revolve around the feedback into charity donations whereby each NFT artist/seller will set a certain percentage of proceeds to be given directly to charities or put within an overarching donations pool. Investors can rank NFTs by means of price, charity donations percentage, charity donations value, and other filters to maximize long-term value and charitable impact of such investments. 

Crowdfunding Donations Ecosystem Platform

Transitioning from the traditional token use cases, HakunaMatata team will develop a Donations Ecosystem Platform to act as a bridge connecting investors, traders, donators, with charities who require funding. The platform will outline various details in regards to each charity to enable filtering of charities (e.g. funding requirements, projects requiring funding, roadmaps). $HKUN facilitates the ecosystem through embodying multiple units of exchange, with a special focus on $HKUN coin itself as the main medium of exchange (i.e. swapping currency). Integrations with payment gateways will be implemented through global partners to facilitate the operation of the ecosystem while maximizing the channels, value, and diversity of donations. With the help of our dedicated community, our charitable deployments will follow an ever-rising trend. Charities can benefit and get more donations by embedding our optimized donation form into their donations platform for ease of use, accuracy of results, and increase in donations collected, all made possible through $HKUN.