Women Empowerment in Afghanistan


We live each day waking up with food on the table, have clothes to wear, and a home to live while some people in Afghanistan cannot enjoy the basic need of a person. Women, particularly the mothers and the mothers-to-be, are the most affected – physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

HakunaMatata ($HKUN) partnered with Women of Afghanistan to make the $HKUN mission a reality. 

Women of Afghanistan

Women’s equality has been granted in Afghanistan in the 1964 Constitution. However, such rights were taken away when the Taliban took over most territories in Afghanistan. 

Women of Afghanistan have been formed to provide aid focusing on women and their needs to support their children and their husbands. 

The Mission: Hakuna Matata stems from two simple motives – to help unprivileged people and provide financial freedom for the coin holders. The $HKUN coin serves as the conduit between charity and crypto-currency to capitalize on an expanding market, enabling us to extend charitable donations to the unserved markets.

The organization stands erect on four main pillars – Earn, Burn, Charity, and Grow. Our sole focus fixates on extending help towards the community to make it prosperous and well-established. (See the White Paper)

The founding team came together and carved out a whole plan quite meticulously to bridge the gap between crypto-currency and the charity marketplace in order to extend help to those in need. The team also holds weekly AMA to provide updates on their charity efforts via Twitch.

The ProjectWomen of Afghanistan. The condition of Afghanistan these days is known around the globe. Afghanistan has a long history of war and uprisings against the government and extremism and they are still going through the same turmoil, even worse nowadays. The decision of having US troops withdraw was not an advantage for Afghanistan but it marked more control for Taliban forces – who had been controlling several territories in Afghanistan since 2001. 

In this crucial time, Afghanistan women – mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and daughters – are in dire need of help to support their loved ones hence our founding team came together and collaborated with Women of Afghanistan to extend help to our fellow brothers and sisters.

With the power vested by our community, Hakuna Matata was able to donate Four Thousand One Hundred US Dollars ($4,100) to Women of Afghanistan to help them achieve their goal of helping Afghan women. 

Hakuna Matata would like to thank you all for your support and trust in this project. It is an honor and a great opportunity to be given this chance to help others. It is highly unfortunate that at present time, we are not able to visit the site under cruel oppression ourselves due to various factors. However, we are supremely ecstatic that Women of Afghanistan made it possible for the Hakuna Matata team to be able to serve during this entire ordeal.

We are proud to have been able to collaborate with Women of Afghanistan in assisting Afghanistan women. And we believe, with the same support and help entrusted to us by the community, we will continue making the world a better place.

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